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Child Support & Child Custody Investigations

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What does a child custody investigator do?


A child custody investigation can help protect children from danger and abuse.  In the case of a divorce or separation, a child custody investigation can gather and present information that proves a parent or guardian is either fit or unfit to have custody of a child.  A parent or court may request a child custody investigator to determine what the child's experience is like with a custody or non-custody parent. Investigations of parents sometimes reveal chronic neglect, child abuse, or parental alcoholism or drug abuse. Don't let a child fall victim to abuse or neglect by an unfit parent or guardian.  Call Midstate Security and Investigations for help.

Do I need an attorney?


The short answer is "No"; however, because child custody and child support cases can be complicated, Midstate Security and Investigations recommends that you seek assistance from a Family Law attorney. Lawyers who handle such cases will often employ the services of a private investigator to assist them in gathering information. The private investigators of Midstate Security and Investigations will help you with or without an attorney. 

How does a child custody investigation work?


A child custody investigator may use surveillance to determine what happens when a parent is with the child. Investigators can document or video record any abuse or neglect that they see, and they can gather other evidence that suggests whether the child is being treated well or not. Investigators might also question the parents and ask them about their parenting and the child. Additionally, investigators may speak to witnesses or locate witnesses for the court on behalf of the parents.

Investigators can find out whether a parent indulges in reckless driving, criminal activity, alcoholism, neglect, or other activities that may affect a child's welfare. Based on the information and evidence gathered, parents and courts can determine what to do to ensure the child safety. The findings of a private investigator normally has more credence in court than a parents accusations.

Do I need a child custody investigator?


There are many reasons why parents turn to a private investigator to safeguard their child:

  • Parents have suspicions about their child's safety. Unfortunately, a child is most likely to be abused or neglected by those who are closest to them - including their parents. In a divorce case, however, suspicions may not be taken at face value. In general, you will need very specific and quality evidence to prove that a spouse, ex-spouse or guardian may be a danger to the child. A Midstate investigator can help provide the evidence that can allow you to protect your child.

  • Parents require peace of mind. Private investigators can help determine whether a child is being neglected or abused. If abuse or neglect is not a factor, parents can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their children are safe.

  • Parents have been accused of abuse or neglect. In court divorce cases, especially, one parent will sometimes make false accusations in order to limit another parents access to the child. A private investigator can help gather evidence of proper conduct to help protect their right to enjoy the most time with their child.

Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of Children and Families


If you suspect a child is in immediate danger because of neglect or abuse, call your local law enforcement agency, or the Florida Department of Children and Families hotline at 1-800-96-ABUSE without delay.  When ever the Florida Department of Children and Families or other child advocacy professionals are involved, Midstate investigators will work closely with them to ensure the best interest of the child and the client are protected.

Call Midstate Security and Investigations, LLC today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your needs.

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