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Civil Investigation


What is a Civil Investigation?


A civil investigation helps uncover and assemble the information needed for a civil trail. A civil trial is the opposite of a criminal trail. In most instances, this type of court case involves two parties who are seeking a decision by the court over a dispute the two are having. For example, if one person sues another for damages due to traffic crash, the case will likely be tried in a civil trial. Private investigations are utilized to gather the evidence that is essential to such a trial.

What Happens in a Civil Investigation?


A civil investigation typically begins with an assessment of your circumstances. A private investigator will usually meet with the person launching the investigation to discuss the needs of the investigation, the budget alloted for the investigation and how the case should proceed. Then, the investigator will investigate the case, using a variety of investigative techniques to get answers and evidence needed. Depending on the investigation, investigators may use surveillance, background checks, medical or forensic investigations, witness examination, and other methods they feel necesary to achieve the best possible outcome. The investigator will then meet with the client again to discuss findings. If needed, an investigator can create an official report or even act as an expert witness in a civil trial.


Do I Need a Civil Investigation?


If you are going to be involved in a civil court case, the simple answer is "Yes". In many civil trials, proof is everything because the person who presents the most solid and believable case is the one who wins. Unlike criminal trials, the standard of proof in a civil trial is, "Preponderance of the Evidence". Simply hiring a private investigator can help you find the solid proof you need to make your court case a success. If you are being taken to civil court or are affected by false accusations, you may need the services of Midstate Security and Investigations to find the evidence to clear your name and prevail in trial.

What is Preponderance of The Evidence?


Preponderance of the Evidence is a legal term which means that more than 50% of the evidence points to something. This is the burden of proof in a civil trial. For example, in a civil case where "A" v. "B", if 51% of the evidence favors "A", then "A" has a preponderance of the evidence and will prevail in the civil case.

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