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What Is A Crime Scene Investigation?


A crime scene investigation involves closely examining the area where a crime has occurred looking for clues and other evidence, and then collecting, processing and analyzing the evidence.


Who Is A Crime Scene Investigator?


The investigation of crimes scenes and analysis of evidence from those scenes can involve a number of professionals from various disciplines, for example:

  • Local Law Enforcement:  The initial responding law enforcement officer is typically the first person to examine a crime scene.

  • Crime Scene Technician:  A specially-trained person from the law enforcement agency responsible for examining a crime scene and collecting evidence. Crime Scene Technicians may conduct basic analysis of certain types of evidence.

  • Medical Examiner:  The professional who examines bodies to determine probable cause of death.

  • Crime Lab Analyst:  This professional who analyzes evidence in a sterile environment, normally a laboratory.

  • Forensic Odontologist:  This investigator uses dental information to reconstruct identities of individuals.

  • Forensic Engineer:  A professional who analyzes the structure and engineering of buildings and machinery. A Forensic Engineer is often called upon when the design/engineering of a structure or piece of machinery may have contributed to personal injury or death.


  • Traffic Homicide Investigator:  A specially-trained person who examines traffic crash scenes and evidence from those scenes in fatal traffic crashes.

  • Traffic Crash Reconstructionis:  A specially-trained person who examines traffic crash scenes to determine certain pre-crash information, i.e. direction and speed of vehicles prior to the crash, point of impact, final place of rest for all vehicles, and contributing causes, etc.

  • Private Investigator:  An individual licensed by the State of Florida to conduct private investigations. This professional examines crime scenes looking for clues and evidence. The private investigator may collect and process found evidence, or arrange for analysis of the evidence by professionals in other disciplines.

Why Do You Need A Private Investigator Who Can Act As A Crime Scene Analyst?


Should all crimes be reported to law enforcement? The short answer is "Probably So", and for some circumstances and crimes, it is required by law to report it to law enforcement. Most crimes and crime scenes are investigated professionally by law enforcement agencies. However, despite their best efforts and their commitment to their citizens, the law enforcement investigator may be unable to give the degree of attention to your case you believe it deserves. This is most often attributed to high case loads, or the lack of experience or resources. If you have been directly affected by a crime, and you are not satisfied with the service provided by the authorities, or if you do not agree with the findings, contact Midstate Security and Investigations, LLC for help. Today, more and more Americans are relying on private investigations of crimes.


What Happens to the Evidence?

Evidence can come in many forms: Photographs, Video / Audio Recordings, Written Statements, DNA and Trace Evidence, Documents, Weapons, and other tangible items. Midstate investigators are experienced in collecting and processing evidence. All evidence collected by the private investigator will be thoroughly documented. When appropriate or when required by law, evidence collected by the private investigator will be forwarded to law enforcement or the State Attorney's Office in all criminal cases. Conversely, in non-criminal cases evidence will be either securely maintained by Midstate Security and Investigations, or turned over to the client or legal representative.

Call Midstate Security and Investigations today for a Free, no obligation assessment of your needs.

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