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Message from the Owner

During my 20+ years in law enforcement, two years of which as a Chief of Police, I have seen a dramatic rise in crime despite the best efforts of law enforcement to control it.  People are more concerned now than ever for their own safety and that of their loved ones.  Business owners, corporate executives, event organizers, and church leaders are increasingly concerned for the safety of their employees, customers, tenants and guests, as well as for the protection of their property and valuable assets.


Another trend I saw was that many small businesses, large corporations, schools, churches, and private citizens, as well as governmental entities through privatization, are turning to private security for their added safety, security and peace of mind. 


In order to obtain a permit to put on certain events, you are now required by many permitting authorities to provide for security.  Government regulations, likewise, require security personnel and detection equipment in many governmental facilities.  Depending on the type of coverage and what is to be insured, many insurance underwriters are now requiring security measures to be in place that will mitigate exposure and reduce loss.  Some insurance premiums can be significantly reduced for having security measures in place.

When you need a professional security presence, turn to Midstate Security and Investigations to create peace of mind for you, your family, your employees, customers, tenants and others. We provide our clients with licensed, well-trained, professional, armed and unarmed security personnel.

Call me today for a FREE, no-obligation assessment of your security needs.

Chief M. Newby, Owner/Manager

Midstate Security and Investigations

Let Us Worry About Security So You Don't Have To!

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