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Mobile Security Patrol

Do you need your property checked regularly to deter criminal activity and ensure that all is safe and secure? Perhaps doors must be locked or unlocked at specific times, or critical gauges checked periodically? Do you need to ensure your employees are present and safe. For office buildings, strip malls, condominiums, parking lots, industrial parks, warehouse facilities and construction sites -- whenever your budget might not allow for a Security Officer stationed full-time on the premises -- the Mobile Patrol Service of Midstate Security and Investigations is the smart solution.

mobile security patrol - Midstate Security and Investigations

We Worry About Security So You Don't Have To!

Isn't this the responsibility of our police?


Ultimately, the responsibility to prevent and solve crimes rests with your local law enforcement agency. Despite their best efforts and commitment to citizens, reduced human resources and budgetary constraints of many law enforcement agencies today result in a diminished ability to patrol private residential communities, shopping areas, office complexes, construction sites, industrial facilities, parks, and business developments effectively. Response times to alarms and other incidents are also adversely affected. Simply put, their resources are often stretched thin. For these reasons, Americans everywhere are turning to private security for their own safety and security, and peace of mind.


What can MSI's Mobile Patrol Service provide?

Clients who do not require dedicated security staff to remain on-site often elect to utilize the mobile patrol service as a cost effective security solution to protect their assets. The main focus of our Mobile Patrol Service is to provide a visual deterrence to criminal activity and early detection of potential issues. Our Mobile Patrol Service is customized to your needs and environment. You determine when and where the patrols occur, how often, and any special responsibilities. Mobile patrols are conducted by uniformed and armed Midstate Security Officers in clearly distinguishable patrol vehicles. Clients will typically use the Mobile Patrol Service for the following:

  • Exterior Patrols – Consists of checking exterior doors to ensure they are secure, exterior lighting for issues, and visual inspections of windows, landscaping, and parking areas for signs of graffiti, vandalism, and suspicious behavior.

  • Interior Patrols – Consists of checking all offices and doors to ensure they are secure, interior lighting for issues, restrooms for water leaks, and all common areas such as hallways, stairwells and lobbies for signs of abnormal activity.

  • Critical Systems - Consists of checking critical system gauges for abnormal conditions.

  • Safety Hazards - Observing for fires and other safety hazards, reporting and taking immediate action to mitigate damage.

  • Employee Escorts – Escorts for employees during shift changes or due to a specific threat or concern.

  • Late Night and Closing Hours – Statistics show that businesses, particularly retail businesses, are most vulnerable to robberies and violent crimes against employees during night time hours and at closing. A very common request is to have a Security Officer present during late night hours and at closing time.

  • Facility Access Control – Manually securing or unlocking exterior doors or gates and activating/deactivating alarm systems as needed.

  • Lock-Outs – When ever you find yourself locked out of your residence or business, if you have supplied Midstate Security and Investigations with a key, our Mobile Patrol will gladly come to your rescue. All keys maintained by MSI are resealed by the client after each use so the client can be assured they are only used with the client's knowledge.

  • Parking Enforcement – Enforcement of visitor parking, reserved parking, handicap and fire lane violations; provide written notice or verbal warnings of infractions. Vehicles will only be towed by MSI when specifically authorized by the client.

  • Response – Midstate Security Officers will respond to the contractually protected property as a representative of the client, eliminating the need for the client to respond himself or herself. MSI will respond regardless of the day or time, and for any reason upon request of the client, employee, alarm company or local law enforcement. Responses are typically for alarms, escorts, lock-outs, and nuisance complaints. The MSI Officer will coordinate his or her response as appropriate with the local law enforcement agency. The Security Officer will report his or her response to the client, other designated individuals and authorities as needed.


Technology and Client Reports


MSI utilizes technology to document the dates, times and duration MSI personnel were on the client's property.  Clients are provided with reports at regular intervals, and upon request, which describe complete details of our activity on the client property.  Reports that are prepared by the MSI Officer regarding an incident on protected property are promptly forwarded to the client.   

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