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Mounted Security

Mounted Security Patrol

Mounted Security by Midstate Security and Investigations, Bushnell, Sumter County, Florida

... a unique and friendly way of protecting us.

... a commanding presence, yet friendly and approachable.

... we love seeing the horses when we come.

Midstate Security and Investigations offers a unique, yet traditional method of protection. Security Officers who have undergone specialized training may be utilized to perform their duties from horseback. 

Law enforcement agencies across the country have recognized the value of officers on horseback for years. Midstate Security and Investigations also recognize those values in providing private protection where traditional security measures might be less effective or impractical.


The Midstate Security Officers and their equine partners can easily access areas that are less accessible by conventional vehicle patrols.  They can quickly and easily maneuver through dense vehicle and pedestrian traffic to get to where they are needed.  The Mounted Officer displays a commanding presence of safety and security.  Standing 8 to 10 feet tall, the Mounted Officer is a visible deterrent to the criminal and unwanted behavior. The mounted officer is the least aggressive means to quash a disturbance, protect employees, customers and client assets, and move or redirect a large crowd of people.  Officers and their equine partners are highly effective in searches because of their speed, endurance and keen senses.  Mounted Officers of Midstate Security and Investigations will provide professional and effective uniformed security service while being an ambassador for you and your organization.

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