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Mounted Security

Mounted Security

Mounted security officer, security guard, patrol service, Bushell, Sumter County, Florida
Benefits of Mounted Security


Law enforcement agencies across the country have recognized the value of officers on horseback for years.


Midstate Security and Investigations also recognize those values in providing private protection where traditional security measures might be less effective or impractical.



Mounted Officers can easily access areas that are less accessible by conventional vehicle patrols, such as narrow lanes and alleys, woodlands, parks, waterfront properties, beaches, rugged terrain, etc.  They can quickly and easily maneuver through dense vehicle and pedestrian traffic to get to where they are needed. Because of their endurance and speed, the Security Officer on horseback can cover much more ground and more quickly while patrolling the client's property than his or counterpart on foot. 

Commanding Presence

The Mounted Officer displays a highly visible presence of safety and security, that instills peace of mind in your customers, employees and guests. The Midstate Security and Investigations Mounted Officer is an 8 to 10 feet tall visible deterrent to unwanted behavior and criminals, and a haven to law abiding customers, guests and employees. From a higher vantage point, the Mounted Officer can easily see over walls, fences and foliage to detect criminal activity. Where large crowds are present, the Mounted Officer can see over the heads of those in the crowd to monitor activities. 




The Mounted Officer is the least aggressive means to quash a disturbance, protect employees, guests, customers and client assets, and move or redirect a large crowd of people.


If a disturbance breaks out on property that is protected by a Mounted Officer of Midstate Security and Investigations, the attention of those involved becomes redirected on the approaching horse and away from their original concern. Horses tend to have a calming effect. People will normally not want to hurt the horse because of a general like for animals and fascination of horses. In essence, the Mounted Officer typically only needs to arrive to quash any disturbance which could otherwise become dangerous and create potential liability for the client.


For a circumstance in which the private Security Officer is obligated by contract AND authorized by Florida law to detain an individual, the Mounted Officer is highly effective in blocking potential escape routes, pursuing fleeing suspects, and effecting a lawful detention.


It has been demonstrated that one mounted officer is equal to 10 ground officers when dealing with large crowds. Because of the mere size and imposing affect that the horse has on the average person, people will generally move on their own volition upon the approaching horse; little or no need to physically engage anyone.


The Mounted Officer is effective in escorting and rescuing people, dignitaries, vehicles and officers who become entrapped in the midst of a large crowd of people.


Vehicle Traffic and Parking


A common responsibility of Mounted Security Officers is to assist with traffic control and parking on the client's property for events that attract large numbers of people and their vehicles. Mounted Officers of Midstate Security and Investigations are highly effective in directing the flow of vehicles because they are so visible. Their visible presence in parking areas, many of which may be dark, is a deterrent to crimes and other unwanted behavior in these areas.



Midstate Security Officers and their equine partners are highly effective in searches for many reasons:


  • Because of their speed, endurance and keen senses.

  • They can cover more ground than officers on foot.

  • They can get to areas where patrol vehicles and all-terrain-vehicles cannot go.

  • Children will come out to the horse before they will an adult in many instances.

  • From their height, the Mounted Officer can see over brush and other foliage.

  • Horses will alert to sight, sound and smell; a valuable advantage in searches.



Midstate Security and Investigations Mounted Officers undergo several hours of specialized training to prepare them to effectively and safely perform their security duties from horseback. This training is identical in many aspects as that which is conducted for mounted law enforcement officers. The horse and rider must then together pass the agency's certification criteria before they are used for Mounted Security.

Answers to Common Questions 

Q.  Are the horses safe?

A.  Midstate Security and Investigations select and use only those horses that possess the type of temperament that renders them safe.


Q.  I do not want horse manure on my property.

A.  Although there is no evidence that horse manure poses any health concern, we do respect the fact that some people might find horse manure objectionable. For that reason, in areas in a venue where people are expected to be walking, or whenever the client so desires, the horses are outfitted with a device underneath the tail that catches the manure. No problem.

Q.  Can we pet the horses?

A.  Because Mounted Officers recognizes that they and their equine partners are good-will ambassadors of the client, generally our Mounted Officers will allow people to pet their horses. You should always ask first in case the Officer needs his or her full attention elsewhere. The Mounted Officer will tell you when and where you can pet the horse. 


Q.  Can I feed the horses?

A.  As a general rule, Mounted Officers do not want their horses to eat while they are working.

Q.  How can I be a Mounted Officer?

A.  Contact Midstate Security and Investigations to learn how you can join our team.

Call Midstate Security and Investigations, LLC today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your needs.

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