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Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper, Midstate Security and Investigations, Bushell, Sumter County, Florida
What is a Mystery Shopper?


If you own or manage a business, a mystery shopper can save your profits and your business by giving you a realistic view from a customer's perspective.

A mystery shopper, sometimes called a "secret shopper", is hired to investigate customer service, security strengths, and employee honesty at a business. A secret shopper poses as a customer or client, and tries to find out whether employees at a specific business are honest and helpful. The mystery shopper will also identify security deficiencies to see just how easy it is to steal from you.

What exactly does a mystery shopper do?


The mystery shopper will attempt to purchase something, will ask questions, will ask customer service for support, and will closely observe the overall experience they receive. Once they leave the store, they will note the quality of their purchase, the quality of their customer service experience, and any evidence of fraud they have seen.


If the business owner is concerned about loss-prevention measures, he or she may ask the mystery shopper to conceal merchandise and attempt to pass the last point-of-sale without offering to pay for the product. This is obviously an operation that is coordinated in advance with the store owner and/or law enforcement....we do not want our investigators arrested.


Based on this information, a business will know whether they have reliable employees and good customer service or not, and whether their loss-prevention measures are adequate.

Do you need a mystery shopper?


If you own or manage a business, the quality of service and products that you offer your customers can make you a fortune or can lead you to bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the boss rarely knows which way he or she is headed until it can be too late. Employees are generally on their best behavior when their employer is present. The only way for you to know for sure whether your loss-prevention measures are adequate, whether your employees are trustworthy or not, or even whether they are taking part in fraud or illegal activities are not, is to ask someone from the outside to come in and investigate.

Mystery shopping is simply a type of business investigation that gives you the tool you need to run your business more successfully and with peace-of-mind. Without mystery shopping, you are simply guessing whether your business is winning are not. Is that really a risk you're willing to take?

Why should you hire a private investigator as a mystery shopper?


Secret shopping is too important to entrust to simply anyone. While many research companies hire freelancers to pose as customers, private investigators from Midstate Security and Investigations can offer your business:

  • Legality:  Midstate private investigators are trained to know the law and therefore know exactly what limits they must not cross in the course of a business investigation.

  • Professionalism:  Midstate private investigators are trained to observe. Hiring a private investigator to secret shop at your company ensures that you get the most precise details about your employees and your business's customer performance.

  • Evidence:  Private investigators are allowed by law to gather evidence of employee dishonesty and fraud. They are even trained to do so. When you hire a Midstate investigator as a secret shopper, you will get not only a report on your company's performance, but also the proof you need to confront employees.

Why do you need to hire a private investigator?


There are plenty of reasons why you can't afford not to try mystery shopping:

  • One dissatisfied customer is likely to cost you a lot of business. Most studies have found that customers not happy with their experience at a business usually will not complain to management. In most cases they will simply not do business with that retailer again and will encourage others not to do business with that retailer as well.

  • Customer surveys and incentive programs have been proven to be less effective. Many customers are simply unwilling to share negative feedback with management or with others. Customers also tend to be biased, whereas professionals involved in mystery shopping exist solely to provide impartial information.

Call Midstate Security and Investigations, LLC today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your needs.

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