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Property Recovery Services

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Recover Stolen or Missing Property


Have you had something stolen from you?  Has a family member or someone you trusted absconded with property that belongs to you?

Whether it is a large piece of machinery worth thousands of dollars, or something more priceless to you, the private investigators of Midstate Security and Investigations will help locate it for you.  

What Should I Do?


First and foremost, you should notify your local law enforcement agency as soon as you notice your property missing.  Provide officers with as much information as you can about the items missing. Try not to disturb the area where the item(s) were taken from. Inform the officer of any person you believe may have knowledge of the missing property. Photographs, detailed descriptions, serial numbers and owner applied numbers are all important information that will make locating your property easier.  In addition to what you supply the law enforcement officer, it is important for you to retain the originals so that you may share them with the private investigator.


It is ultimately the responsibility of the local law enforcement agency to investigate the matter and try to recover your property. Despite their best efforts and their commitment to serve their citizens, the law enforcement investigator may be unable to give the degree of attention to your case you believe it deserves. This is most often attributed to high case loads, or the lack of experience or resources. Missing property that has a low dollar value is usually not given the same amount of attention by the law enforcement investigator as something more expensive.  


This is when we can help. Today, more and more Americans are relying on private investigations to recovery missing and stolen property. Because the private investigator works for you, the full resources of Midstate Security and Investigations is at your disposal to help recover your property.....regardless of its dollar value.  The private investigator will work with law enforcement authorities as appropriate.  

Must I Involve Law Enforcement Authorities?


Although we strongly recommend that you notify your local law enforcement agency, that decision is ultimately yours. MSI understands that you may have legitimate reasons why you might not want to involve law enforcement authorities. The private investigators of Midstate Security and Investigations will do their best to locate your property with or without the involvement of law enforcement authorities.


Should I or Should I Not Prosecute the Offender?

The decision to pursue criminal prosecution again rests entirely upon you, the victim of the crime. The MSI private investigator will provide expert testimony that will be crucial if it is your decision to pursue prosecution.

Call Midstate Security and Investigations, LLC today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your needs.

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