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We Worry About Your Security So You Don't Have To

Protective Services

When you need a professional security presence, turn to Midstate Security and Investigations to create peace of mind for you, your family, your employees, customers, tenants and others. We provide our clientele with licensed, well-trained, professional, armed and unarmed security personnel.

Available 24 Hours / 7 Days a Week


Our selection process for security personnel is first-rate. Every security officer candidate undergoes an extensive interview process and background investigation, similar in many respects to those conducted by law enforcement agencies for police applicants. Only those individuals who are appropriately licensed pursuant to Chapter 493, Florida Statutes, and who meet our exceptionally high standards are considered for employment. Most Midstate Security Officers come to us from law enforcement or security backgrounds.

In addition to the initial training that is required of our employees by law, Midstate Security Officers undergo continuing in-service training by highly qualified instructors.


Whether it is our Site Security, Mobile Patrol Service, Mounted Security, or Executive Protection, Midstate Security and Investigations has a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.

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Site Security

MSI will provide armed or unarmed, uniform Security Officers who remain on-site at the contracted property or venue throughout the assigned work hours, to protect persons and property, and perform other public safety-related functions.

Mobile Patrol Service

MSI can provide both incident response and random or scheduled mobile security patrols of the client's property in fully-equipped, distinctively recognizable patrol vehicles.  Midstate patrol vehicles are equipped with laptops and mobile printers to electronically record the dates and times patrols were conducted, prepare reports, and print violation notices.

House Checks

Do you worry about the security of your home, pets and valuables while you are away?  Are you a seasonal resident?  If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, turn to Midstate Security and Investigations to give you peace of mind knowing that those things which are most important to you will remain safe while you are away.

Wellbeing Checks

Are you worried about a friend, parent or loved-one that may need checked on occasionally for their wellbeing?  The mobile patrol service of Midstate Security and Investigations will gladly check on them at any time of the day or night to make sure they are okay and not in need of something.

Security Survey & Assessment

Is your home, business, construction site, apartment complex or gated community as safe as it can be?  Let the experienced and qualified professionals of Midstate Security and Investigations conduct a thorough and objective assessment.

Security During a Disaster

When fire, severe weather, or acts of man leaves your home or business vulnerable to thieves and looters because it cannot be secured, Midstate Security and Investigations will protect your home and valuable assets with well-trained security officers. 

Emergency Communications and Command Post

MSI can deploy its self-contained, 27-foot trailer that is equipped with amenities and equipment from which security and public safety operations can be coordinated.  Ideal for any event or venue where a centralized security focal point is needed.  Click here for more information. 


From the single-family home to multi-family condominiums and gated communities, MSI offers a budget-friendly means to protecting what is most important to you - your families, your homes, and your community.

Commercial & Retail

Employees, patrons and vendors will have peace of mind knowing that they are well protected in their workplace, office, retail store and other commercial establishments with the ever-visible Midstate Security Officers watching over them.

Industrial & Construction Sites

Industrial facilities and construction sites are vulnerable to accidents, sabotage, vandalism, workplace violence, loss of valuable equipment and supplies, and hostilities due to labor action. A visible presence by alert and effective Midstate Security personnel will help minimize your liability, reduce loss, and promote safety.


Let the professionals at MSI assist you with coordinating measures to help ensure your next special event is safe and enjoyable for all who attend.

Health Care

Midstate Security personnel will remain vigilant in protecting the safety of patients and health-care workers in your facility.

Hotels & Motels

Hotel guests and their vehicles can often be targets of crime. Highly visible Midstate Security personnel will give patrons peace of mind that they and their belongings will be safe while guests at your hotel.


MSI provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for ensuring government assets, their personnel, and citizens are protected.

Places of Worship

The recent rise in crimes committed against places of worship should concern all Americans. Midstate Security and Investigations can provide mobile security patrols or officers who remain on-site to protect places of worship and those who attend.

Call Midstate Security and Investigations, LLC today for a free, no-obligation assessment of your needs.

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