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Site Security


Unfortunately, crimes that affect your property, and crimes committed against employees and other persons on your property, can occur at any time of the day, regardless of the size of your building or property, in both rural and urban areas. Just as no one is exempt from the possibility of crime, we at Midstate Security and Investigations believe no one should be exempt from top-notch protective services.

Midstate Security and Investigations will provide well-trained, armed or unarmed, uniform Security Officers who remain on-site at the contracted property or venue throughout the assigned work hours, to protect persons and property, and perform other public safety-related functions.

Our site security services are tailored to the specific needs of the client. In addition to the general training that each Security Officer must undergo, specialized training is provided to our personnel as may be required for certain responsibilities to be performed by the Officer. 

Available 24 Hours / 7 Days a Week


Are you concerned about your single-family home while you are away overnight, the weekend or the season? Is there a need for a uniformed security presence in your condominium complex? Are you having issues arise from unauthorized people and vehicles entering your gated community? Regardless of your reason, Midstate Security and Investigation can provide a budget-friendly means to protecting what is most important to you - your families, your homes, and your community.   

Commercial & Retail

Employees, patrons and vendors will have peace of mind knowing that they are well protected in their workplace, office, retail store and other commercial establishments with the ever-visible Midstate Security Officers watching over them. 

Are your concerned about shoplifting and internal employee theft? Your losses can come from both Internal and External Threats. Midstate Security and Investigations can provide highly-trained uniformed or plain-clothes Security Officers to assist you in your loss prevention measures. Loss prevention is a measurable service. Potential thefts and property recovered is documented, so the client can easily monitor the cost-effectiveness of the loss prevention program.

External Threats - This includes any threats from outside the company or business that could include shoplifting, organized threat or crime. Our Security Officers are trained to observe, identify, and prevent thefts from occurring at your business. This is accomplished by monitoring patrons both in person and through the use of video surveillance systems (where available). The MSI Officer will engage the suspect, and when appropriate and to the extend allowed by law, detain the suspect for local law enforcement authorities. 

Internal Threats - Internal threats are those thefts which are committed by employees.  MSI Security Officers are trained to observe employees and look for suspicious activities, as well as monitor their behavior when working with a point-of-sale system or with inventory. The observations of employee misconduct is well documented, allowing you to take immediate and defensible disciplinary action. The MSI Officer will coordinate internal investigations with law enforcement authorities as appropriate.

Industrial & Construction Sites


​Industrial facilities and construction sites are vulnerable to accidents, sabotage, vandalism, workplace violence, loss of valuable equipment and supplies, and hostilities due to labor action. A visible presence by alert and effective Midstate Security personnel will help minimize your liability, reduce loss, and promote safety.  Ideal for access control, MSI can place its self-contained mobile command post at any industrial or construction site to provide a visible security presence from which security personnel can operate.  Click here​ for more information about our mobile command trailer

Special Event Security | Private & Public Events

Special Events can range from a private graduation to a large community event, political conventions to sports spectaculars, from awards shows and entertainment events to product sales and major corporate marketing events. Regardless of the size of the event, Midstate Security and Investigations can provide unparalleled safety, security, and presence to any event.

MSI provides assistance on advance planning, threat assessment, and coordination with all necessary public safety agencies. Large gatherings of people can create a number of potential safety concerns. While visible uniformed security officers create a deterrent to unwanted behavior, plain-clothes officers can blend in with the crowd to more easily and discreetly identify potential problems. MSI Officers are well-trained in detecting and mitigating potential problems before they can become a major disruption and a liability to the client.

Ideal for fairs, festivals, and special events, our distinctively marked mobile command trailer provides a central focal point where people attending the events can go to for lost and found, reunite with friends and family who have become separated from each other at the event, or seek other assistance from MSI's security personnel staffing the trailer.  This self-contained, 27-foot trailer has the amenities and necessary equipment from which security and public safety operations can be coordinated.  Click here for more information about our mobile command trailer. ​

Health Care

Through such measures as monitoring the premises through video surveillance systems, controlling access to the facility, and patrols by observant uniformed security officers, Midstate Security personnel will remain vigilant in protecting the safety of patients and health-care workers in your facility.

Hotels & Motels

Hotel guests and their vehicles can often be targets of crime. The presence of our visible uniformed Security Officers will give patrons peace of mind that they and their belongings will be safe while guests at your hotel. 

Law enforcement agencies have recorded a rise in crimes at lodging establishments that sadly result in violence committed against employees, particularly during late night hours. The well-trained security officers of Midstate Security and Investigations can help ensure the safety of your employees. 


Midstate Security and Investigations can provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for ensuring government assets, their personnel, and citizens are protected. Through access control, the monitoring of people entering governmental buildings, and the operation of sophisticated equipment that detects the presence of potential weapons and explosive devices, security officers of Midstate Security and Investigations can minimize potential threats. Patrols of the interior and exterior of government buildings serve as a visible deterrent to potential danger.  

Places of Worship

The recent rise in crimes committed against places of worship should concern all Americans. It is unfortunate that religious institutes find it now necessary to implement measures to protect their places of worship.  Midstate Security and Investigations can provide a visible deterrent to crime through mobile security patrols or officers who remain on-site to protect places of worship and those who attend.


security guard - Midstate Security and Investigations
  • Reception / Information

  • Access Control

  • Verifying Identification

  • CCTV Monitoring

  • Answering Telephones

  • Dispatching

  • Monitoring Critical Systems


security guard - Midstate Security and Investigations
  • Patrols on Foot, Vehicle and Horseback

  • Ensuring Security Integrity

  • Fire Watch / Reporting Safety Hazards

  • Alarm and Incident Response

  • Deterring Criminal Activity

  • Conducting On-Site Escorts / Courier Svc.

  • Parking Enforcement / Directing Traffic


security guard - Midstate Security and Investigations
  • Preventing Theft and Damage

  • Monitoring for Safety

  • Controlling Access to the Site

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