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Wrongful Death Investigations


In cases where a death is caused by negligence, carelessness, or other wrongdoing committed by a company or person, that incident is said to be a wrongful death. In cases of wrongful death, victims or beneficiaries may be entitled to some form of compensation for their loss. It will require the services of a trained professional, like those provided by Midstate Security and Investigations, to uncover information and evidence that supports a claim of wrongful death.

How do I know if a loved one's death was a wrongful death?


Unfortunately, it is very difficult for the average person to tell whether a death was a wrongful death or not. In most cases, evidence is needed to make the determination, and a knowledge of law is also necessary to determine whether compensation for wrongful death can be awarded. A private investigator has both the investigative techniques to find evidence and the knowledge of laws necessary to make recommendations to clients.

What is a wrongful death investigation?


Not all wrongful death investigations begin as such. In some cases, an investigator will be conducting a homicide investigation, crime scene investigation, accident investigation, products liability investigation, or personal injury investigation only to find that evidence points to wrongful death. At that point, the investigator can share his findings with the victims survivors so that they have all the information they need to pursue whatever legal action they decide is appropriate.

What happens in a wrongful death investigation?


If you think you have a wrongful death claim and seek help from an investigator, the private investigator may do several things. They may use crime scene forensics and witness testimony, accident reconstruction, and corporate investigations to find out what really occurred at the time of death. In these cases, medical investigations, background investigations, and even surveillance may be necessary to show whether someone else, a product, or business practices may have contributed to a death.

What types of wrongful death investigations are there?


Malpractice and medical investigations often focus on wrongful death caused by medical negligence and incorrect medical treatment. Workplace investigations and industrial accident investigations focus around wrongful deaths caused by company negligence or company mismanagement. Products liability investigations sometimes find wrongful deaths are caused by badly-designed and poorly tested consumer goods. Accident investigations and criminal investigations sometimes uncover that a criminal is responsible for a wrongful death as well as for a crime.

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