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Private Investigations

Investigative Services
Why Hire an MSI Investigator
Professional Standards

Midstate Security and Investigations is fully insured and licensed by the State of Florida, offering a broad range of investigative services. 


Midstate investigators have extensive experience, professional backgrounds, and diverse specialized skill sets that guarantee the best possible results for your investigation.


Dedicated to our clients, Midstate investigators are committed to conducting discreet, professional and confidential investigations with tenacity and thoroughness.

Because your case is important to you, it becomes our priority.  Contact us for a no-obligation assessment of your investigative needs.

Midstate Security and Investigations will maintain the highest ethical and professional standards in all our investigations and services.  We will strive to obtain the best possible results through diligent work, and by applying procedures and investigative techniques in conformity with accepted professional standards prevailing in the Private Investigation industry.


Midstate Security and Investigations, LLC will conduct all private investigative operations in accordance with Chapter 493, Florida Statutes, including, without limitation, those pertaining to confidentiality of sensitive information.

"Because your case is important to you, it becomes our priority"

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Relax.....Licensed, experienced investigators are on the case !


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